Chain Link Fence – Mini FAQ – Read My Experience

Chain link fence is a favorite choice of dog owners to keep their pets safe within the perimeter of their property.

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However, putting together a chain fences sometimes seems to come with its own entirely unique set of vocabulary- chain  mesh, steel wire  slats, windscreens, brackets, connectors, tension bands, tension bars, caps- which can make the process extremely confusing.

Keeping some key tips in mind can help make the process of installing your new fence much smoother, and much more effective.

It is important to remember that  post spacing should never be more than about 10 feet coatedapart, and that post holes should be about 30 to 36 inches deep into the ground for maximum stability of your fencing.

Remember to stretch the wire-mesh should be tightly stretched along the poles, and installing a wire along the bottom loops of

the mesh will help keep the bottom of the fence mesh more straight and stable. These are obviously not all the steps to installing a chain-wire fenceing

However, they are a few key things that remembering to do can make sure that the wire-mesh fence you erect stays standing longer and stronger.


Prices vary depending upon the perimeter of the property, the height of the fenceing, and whetherwire mech post

you decide to go it alone installing it, or allow a professional to take on the work for you. Wire netting maintenance is fairly minimal, which helps cut down on long term costs.

Some wire-mesh are available with vinyl coatings that make them not only less sharp and less hot in the sunny weather, but more appealing because they can better match the existing décor of the home and yard. While galvanized steel will rust in about ten years or so, vinyl coated fences last about 15 before showing signs of rusting.

“Hurricane fence”  prices also vary depending on whether or not you choose to add on special features like a ice-on-fence windscreen or   slats wire-mesh. Fence windscreen can sometimes cost around $100, depending on the quality of the screen, and the size of your paling.

If a windscreen is not for you, but you are looking for a way to make your yard more private, wire-mesh slats could be for you. Not only do they reduce the visibility through your fence, but they also come in a variety of colors, such as white, beige, blue, black, brown, and green. A wire-mesh fence with slats is sometimes a less expensive alternative to a wooden privacy panels.

How to Hide a Chain Link Fence

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The most common way to hide wire netting is to use landscaping and tall plants to disguise it. This provides homeowners with not only a secure boundary to their property, but a yard lined with beauty all year long. The best plants to choose for hiding wire netting are evergreens, because deciduous plants lose their leaves and show the fence during the winter.wire-mesh fence post

However, if evergreens are too plain for your taste, a mix of the two could still serve to hide the fencing nicely.

Another way to hide chain-wire is to fix horizontal wooden strips all the way along it, from top to bottom. Spaces can be added for visual appeal and to allow some ability to see through the fence. In addition, different shades and stains of wood can be mixed together to form an interesting, appealing pattern that matches the décor of your home or yard.

What Are The Alternatives?

Diamond-mesh fenceing are not for everyone. If you’re looking for both privacy, and security, there are a number of wire-mesh fence orange diamond-mesh fencealternatives that may be better suited to you. Wooden and vinyl panels offer the same yard division quality as chain link fence, but they are  alternatives that offer much better aesthetics.

Wrought iron fences also offer a lot aesthetically, but they do not give the same privacy as other  alternatives. If you are only looking for a visual divider, not security, split rail fences can serve the purpose. All alternatives you choose will be determined by the purpose of your fencing, and whether you value privacy or aesthetics more.

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