Stockade Fence – How to Protect Your Privacy?

There are many reasons behind people opting for stockade fence in their front yard. The main reason could be the security and keeping the intruders away from the house and maintaining a sense of privacy. It can also help keeping small children and pets confined to premises and stop them from leaving the yard.

stockade fencing inside the courtyard

It also serves as a protection tool for the flowers and plant in the front yard guarding them from the intruders and stray animals.

Fencing adds to the beauty and value of the house and can serve as a great design to the overall look of the house.

Metallic fencing are quite expensive and may cost heavy on your pocket, but if you opt for fencing, it will be really easy to get it installed in the yard and also it will help saving some money as they are less expensive as compared to metallic iron fencing. Secondly if you plan to make the fence on your own, then you can save the labor cost too as it is fairly easy to make these fencings.

Instructions for making the stockade fence

  • The first step required for making the fences requires to determine the exact location of placement and the measuring the length of the panel that requires fencing in order to determine the number if fence panels required.
  • Mark the fence line by putting stakes on either side of the determined length and running a wire between them.
  • Put the fence panel near the fence line at the position they will acquire during fencing and mark the centre of each panel to locate the position of post placement. With the help of a post hole digger, dig out post hole along the fence line after every 8 feet.
  • ¬†Secure the post in the hole with the help of cement and make it parallel to the fence line and allow it to set for two days at least.
  • After the post is set in the place, stockade fence panels could be screwed in the post to complete the fencing.stockade fencing 1-meter

Before you plan out the procedure for making the fences ready, it is mandatory to check the local building code office of your government to know about any case in which you are prohibited to put fencing or have to seek permission for it. If it is so, then you should seek the permission first before continuing with the plan of fencing.


Types of fencing

There are many different types of stockade fencing available depending on the size and wood quality. These are available in three different sizes of 4, 6 and 8 feet. Depending on the wood quality used and the treatment provided, these fencing can be classified as:

  • Cedar panels: these are long lasting and resistant towards action of water. These have a natural oil to protect them and making them resistant towards rain and snowfall. They basically come in two colors, red and white depending on the nature of the wood.
  • Redwood fencing: redwood has a special quality of resistance towards damage from the insects. They also make the area sound proof and hence could be really beneficial in isolating area which is on the noisy roadways
  • Painted spruce: though they have lesser resistance against water and insect attack, but if cost is a factor, spruce can be used and the resistance level could be increased by either painting the spruce or water treating them.
  • ¬†Pressure treated fencing: this type,¬† usually requires pine wood and it makes the fence more resistant to water and insect attack.