Privacy Fence Panels – Which Should I Choose?

brown, wood, ready to instal, privacy fence panelsFence paneling are becoming an inseparable part of property construction these days and the most commonly used are the privacy fence panels that serve as a medium to separate the property area from the nearby construction or the road side.

These paneling give privacy as well as security and help keeping the intruders and stray animals away from the property area.

They also help securing the children and the pets in the premise and don’t allow them to move out.

If you are in need of some privacy or wish to hide an under construction area or some bad dump porting of the property area, fencing with paneling are the best option as they completely cover the area and keep them out of the sight whether it be a pool area, front yard, back yard, driveway or deck area.

They can be easily installed with little armamentarium and can add up to the beauty of your property along with serving the purpose of privacy and keeping the noisy neighbors out of the sight.

Types of Privacy Fence Panels

There are many different types of yard fencing available in the market in variable sizes, texture and material of construction. The most popular of all the fencing include aluminum, wood, iron, lattice and vinyl.

Even in wood, there are many varieties depending on the type of wood used for making the fencing like cedar, red wood, cedar white,  pine, spruce, and pressure treated lumber etc. they are commonly available in three different sizes of 4 foot, 6 foot and 8 foot and usually are also available in 10 feet height. However you can custom made these panels according to your needs and the height of the fencing.

Typically wood fencing is most cost effective and affordable as compared to other fencing material available in the market presently. They have high workability and allow the area for experiment combining different types of panel designing to constitute your own design.

Foldable privacy panels are also present in the market that can be easily installed when the privacy is required or opened up in the need of more free space. They are compatible with both residential and industrial areas. Beside this, semi privacy panels can also be used in the garden area which allows the climbers to grow up and fill up the spaces between the panels.

They are the most cost effective and give a truly beautiful look to the front yard. Stained and frosted glass panels can also be used for building the fences and they elevate the beauty of the landscape.

Installing the fence panels

white, plastic, privacy fence panelsAfter choosing the material and the fence quality, you have to determine the exact location and the length required to install privacy paneling. You have to make a virtual fencing by setting up the poles at either end and running a twin in between the poles.

The fence paneling should be secure to this line and should be made parallel in order to achieve the required result. Make equidistant post holes using post hole appliance which should be at least 4 foot in depth and almost 8 inches wide.

The post can be fixed up in this hole using cement and should be secured in a parallel position to insure proper positioning of the panels.

They should be allowed to set in place for about 2 days after which, fence panels can be screwed to the post one after the other and the fencing could be completed. Same process can be employed to all types of fencing panels whether it be wooden one or aluminum or glass based.

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