Wood Fencing Pricing – How Much Does It Cost?

If you are planning to put new fencing around your house or other commercial property, then wooden fencing would be a potent option as they look quite attractive adding to the beauty and look of the property and offer quite lower for  wood fencing pricing. Wood paneling is the latest trend and is becoming more popular day by day because of the mold ability and high workability offered by the fencing.

Beside the other types of fencing like iron fencing etc, cost heavily and they require huge armamentarium as well as right knowledge of soldering and welding etc along with added labor cost to put on these fences. While fence cost are extremely affordable and offer easy installation and can be processed on your own too.

These days, people show more interest in self installation rather them employing labors for the same in order to make it cost effective saving the labor cost. For such people, wooden fence is a perfect match. They come in various sizes and wood types and are available in various color and texture suitable for almost all indoor and outdoor fencing.

Wood fencing is not only used for residential purposes, but it can easily and more economically be used for industrial purposes too reducing down the price and making it more affordable.

Benefits of Wooden Fencing

There are many benefits related to using wood boards in place of metal or other types of fencing which are as follows:

  •  First thing is their affordability. Wood fencing pricing is no issue as there are a variety of fence available in different wood quality. Though cedar boards is considered a bit costlier than the other varieties but then they are much cheaper as compared to other fencing options. Other wooden fence available are pine that are pressure treated or spruce that can be painted to increase the durability. But in the long run, cedar is the best one to use as they offer high durability and almost zero maintenance. They even have natural resistance to water and insects attack.
  • These are light weight and can be installed easily. They come in different color, size and texture and provide extreme mold capacity to shape them as required.
  • Some of the wood paneling have the potential of noise proofing and hence can be extremely beneficial for ascertaining the privacy and keeping the noise away from the property area.
  • As they come in various shapes and design, they offer high experimenting chances and different combination and styles can be tried to bud up a beautiful landscape.
  • They are available in different color, texture and natural designs, so they again save your money for decoration and painting.

Factors affecting the cost of wood fencing

One of the most essential and important part of installing this project is the cost which is determined by several factors. As though wood paneling is cheaper but if you wish to make them more affordable and cost effective you should have a sound knowledge about the factors determining the cost of fencing and can save the money accordingly.

If you plan to purchase lumber and shape the panels yourself then you can cut down the initial cost of purchasing readymade panels effectively. Plus if you plan to install the fences on your own or with the help of your friends or family member, you can save extra on labor cost. The type of wood selected for the fence panels also have an effect on over all pricing.

Approximate prices on the market

Exemplary prices of fencing

In general Cedar woods are the costlier among the all but offer good durability. You can opt for pressure treated pine panels or redwood panels too that provide an average durability but cost much lesser than the cedar panels.

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